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Gestating, Cooking - it's all the same.

Poor old cooking blog. I got distracted by a big project - a big cooking project. The baking of a baby. I wasn't actually pregnant when I made the last post, but I was imminent. How do I know? Science m'friend. Science. In actual fact the making of Katarina was a lot more like baking than the usual making of a child. Kat was made with the help of the bakers at Monash IVF - and I have to say that we didn't hold much hope for the process. Shows what we know. We decided mid 2014 that we weren't going to keep trying to have a baby. We gave up. The boat had been missed, the ship had sailed and other nautical terms to mean we were done. And then my Dad offered to pay for IVF. And my friend April implored me in a heart felt manner to try "just once". We thought about it. I have a sort of ideological issue with IVF which hasn't entirely gone away with the using of it. I feel that if you can't get pregnant naturally then that might be a message from
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Sweet Nothings

That's what I've been putting here. Sweet nothing(s). Sweet FA, as they say. I even surprised myself when I saw that it had been 6 months. I have been adding things to my writey blog though and so it hasn't been a time of complete indolence. I have been baking though - quite interesting thingies and so I'd like to share that with you whilst I wait for another boring IT process to finish running in the BG. That's Background for you non-IT types - you lucky things. Dat kitten bored... Let me digress delightfully for a moment and say that the number of C&W tunes playing on my Pandora station are disproportionately high given that I only said yes to Carrie Underwood. Right now I am listening to a guy talk about how rain is a good thing because it makes whiskey. Honestly how can anyone listen to this without laughing? I am seriously asking that question. I'm not apologising for the kitten picture either. Until someone apologises to me for the C&W m

Food as Love

Recently I attempted to prove myself via baking. Prove myself as a mother, a baker, a friend and a party thrower. This is my story. Starting now. Almost now. But first; I am not a regular blogger at the best of times, and these are not the worst of times, no they aren't. But they are the busiest of times. So I tend to bake when I'm not screamingly stretched to breaking point. So, recently, no baking. Until now. And with what sweet crumb driven morsel did I decide to rejoin the baking world? A birthday cake for my darling 7 year old. He had expressed many desires over the last 12 months. Gabe tends to plan ahead. For example, as he cut into his cake last year he said "Next year I want a Minecraft Cake". True story, literally as he cut the 6 year old cake. The Minecraft Cake morphed to Angry Birds, Spiders, Volcanoes (again) and then Minecraft and... the Adventure Time cake. And there is stayed - virtually solid. Do you know what Adventure Time is? Short answer

Sticky Toffee Loaf - The Comfort of Food

I'm back to the book. David Herbert's wonderful "Best-Ever Baking Recipes". I have been cooking things from this from time to time, but such is my posting malaise I am only now managing to report back. Why a posting malaise? Not sure really, I note that other, more prolific and famous bloggers also go through this and I imagine that this is my, much tinier and less significant version. In fact a few of my absolute favourite bloggers have slowed right down, if not having stopped entirely. I realise how much I loved those posts, now that I have them no longer. Also some of them used to blog a lot. Thank god for Julia - still posting and still as brilliant as ever. Anyway sticky toffee loaf and all that conjures up. It's winter here, the most beloved season by my household, and I am in full winter cooking swing. Baked risotto, lamb shanks, casserole, curry... oh swoon, all so lovely and rich and warming and EASY. Screw summer with all it's salads. This loa

Warmer, warmer, colder, colder, COLD

I have no compulsion to bake in summer. None. Zero. You may have noticed, if you're a fan of my banal chitchat, that there hasn't been so much of that lately. That's because Melbourne became hotter than Hades. Think eggs fried on bonnets of cars, lungs singed, poets crying and women gnashing their teeth. Mainly me. Not a fan of the heat. At all. That's WHY I live I live in Melbourne actually. Melbourne is not known for it's temperate climate, instead it's known for freezing winds, unpredictable rain and coffee loving inhabitants. When I visited Seattle I felt right at home.  So, no baking. Screw that. It was 45 (113) outside and approximately 32 (90) indoors and I was only putting the oven on if I was climbing into it, and things didn't get that bad. Whilst American swirled in their Polar Vortex (which sounds like an evil nemesis) we sweltered in Satan's Underpants. But not anymore. Here we are in lovely March, the month that used to be the hottest

You (chocolate and caramel) tart! (amongst other things)

Well, you can't blame me for naming the post thusly, the number of trollop style jokes that fly around when you make tarts is disproportionately large. Clearly demand outstrips supply in the provision of tart related joke telling opportunities. Not sure how to exploit this for gain, but theoretically one could. Woohoo! Legs in the air. Not tarty at all. It's was the season to be merry folks and I made a few treats - full disclosure dictates that I need to put the treat making in the context of Book Club and also reference Sue and Michelle. Each year we gather on the Saturday morning before the final book club and we make treats for the group. This year marks the fourth year we have done this and we were as game as ever. And very organised, very, very organised. There is some fun lost when there's no panic - whilst we coasted politely to the denouement of the treat making it was nice, but not frightening and we didn't think that anything would fail. So, yes. Not ve


Gawd, I have started this post twice now with very good intentions each time. Turns out that good intentions are not enough - apparently you need to sit down and actually do it. First thing to observe, I am writing this from my new Macbook Air. I have never been a Mac user, I have nothing against Apple beyond a vague sense of disquiet at learning a new operating system and their super quiet keyboard. I really love to make a racket when I type. Two things: No End key No back space. How do Apple users do it! I use the end key ALL THE TIME! I like to cut to the end. I like to move from the here and now and get to the full stop. I am lingering a hell of a lot more in the middle of sentences. And what a crappy place to be!  So yeah, if you have the answer. Tell me. Sooooooo - in the interests of full disclosure and also because I simply tend to talk about what is happening right now - I found a parasite on my head. Was it a louse? Well it was certainly a cad.. *weak laugh. Yes, a lo